Providence Church

Providence Church

I created a brand new logo mark for Providence Church to give them a more simple and modern look. With many young families moving into Lincoln and the surrounding area Providence wanted to be represented in a way that is current while still friendly and approachable.



Step 1: Collect User Requirements


Since this new brand is going to be a visual representation of the church, I needed to get user requirements for this new brand from staff members at the church. I began by asking the staff at Providence Church for some words that they thought represented their church. Then I sat down with members of the staff and we were able to pick a few words that we wanted to focus on: family, welcoming, local, and young (modern). These were the requirements for the new brand.
It had to be fun. 
It had to be welcoming.
It had to feel local.
It had to feel young.

Step 2: Design Development

Icon Design

Then we brainstormed visual icons that could go with these words. For "local" we focused on things that are specific to Beamsville, agriculture and the Niagara escarpment. For "welcoming" and "young" we played with different styles of writing out Providence Church and also just the letter P.



Next, I refined these icons into two design directions. One with more of a minimalist and modern feel and one with more of an organic and local feel. Each design has specific typography picked to match its unique design direction. The minimalist design utilizes a simple P design with the word "Providence" in capital sans-serif letters beside it, very bold and very sleek. The other has the word "Providence" handwritten with a flowing font on top of a green landscape design that represents the escarpment.

Step 3: Testing

Modified Usability Scale

I sent all the staff at the church both designs and had them complete a modified usability scale that I created. Then I put the results through a weighted average with each of the eight questions being weighted between 2 and 24%. 


Although the organic, green design was liked, the favourite for all the staff at the church was the modern look with the letter P. That design got 54.7% of the vote with the other design getting 29.3% of the vote and "Neither" getting the remaining 16%. I was concerned with how many people voted "Neither" to the P icon and the overall brand design. Because of this, I generated several different styles of the letter P and different shapes to play with to try to find a design that better matched the vision of the staff at the church.

Step 4: Further Design Development

Icon, Typography and Colour

Then we played around with several, several iterations of "P"s inside different shapes with different ways of styling "Providence Church" beside it. Eventually came up with a very professional design inside a circle that the staff loved.


After creating the logo mark, I spent a couple months working with the staff helping them implement the logo in different areas and also generate other secondary logos for different ministries of the church. Finally, I created a brand guideline which explains how to use the new logo mark along with rules about using the different brand colours and fonts. 

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