Church Graphic Design

Church Graphic Design

Over the past 2 years I have been creating graphics for Forestview Community Church to use on screen in the church, as signage around the church, in promotional material, or on social media. I now lead the team of volunteers that is responsible for all graphics, photos and videos produced for the church.


Step 1: Moodboards

The process begins when my lead pastor or another staff member makes a request for a new design. The first step is to create a moodboard. This is best because often the person requesting the design will not know exactly how they want the design to feel or look. I ask for as much information as possible and then start creating 3 or 4 moodboards. I will often get inspiration from Instagram or specific photographers I follow and then create the moodboards in Pinterest.


Step 2: Design Development

Typography & Colours

After the person requesting the project has picked their desired moodboard and we have tweaked it to match their vision, I use the moodboard to create a few preliminary designs. I first find one or two images that match the theme perfectly by either taking the picture myself or searching through websites with royalty free images. Then I find a few fonts that work well with the message. In this example I found three different script fonts to add elegance to the overall graphic. Then I will vary the colours, fonts and possibly even the image slightly to give the client a few different options.


After getting feedback, I make anywhere from 1 to 5 more iterations until I have a final design I am happy with and I send it to the client for the final confirmation.


Then I create a repository of images for use both at the church on screens and on our website. 


Click below to view some of the many designs I have made over the past two years

Sometimes my design is also used outside of the church in mailouts or different marketing material. I have had the pleasure of designing a few different mail-outs that the church has sent to thousands of houses in the Grimsby area, resulting in an increase in visitors every time.

Smrt Watr

Smrt Watr