Arylla iOS App

Arylla iOS App

I have had the pleasure of creating an iOS app for Arylla Inc., a startup looking to disrupt the world of fashion.


Step 1: Collect User Requirements


We chose to create personas for this project because there were two distinct user groups for this app. First, there were the consumers, those people who are buying products. We created a persona named Kelly Hannan who is a consumer.


Kelly cares a lot about luxury brands and specifically feeling a connection with these luxury brands. For her it is not worth saving money on a bad experience. The other user group is executives, people who work for luxury brands who want to track their sales. We created a persona named Pam Levinson who is an executive.


Use Case Analysis

Next, using Use Case Analysis I was able to generate requirements based on two use cases: a user being a consumer or an executive. Then I compiled these two sets of user requirements and grouped some together that were required by both use cases. I then gave each requirement an overall priority before continuing on to navigation design.


Step 2: Early Design Stages


To create the navigation, I continued using the two user groups created at the start of the project. I created tasks for each user group and some tasks that were required by both and put them on index cards. Then I interviewed people from Arylla asking them to pretend that they are Kelly the consumer or Pam the executive and to organize the tasks into different areas of navigation. Using Card Sorting techniques I discovered how the tasks should flow in the app. For our light-weight demo app we had only six tasks and the order of those cards is shown below.



Since I was just creating a light-weight demo app for Arylla first it was not very difficult to create wireframes showing the path of both consumer and executive users. I decided to create wireframes because I could then check in with the rest of the team at Arylla to confirm the flow of screens before actually developing the app. Below you can see the wireframes and how they turned into final screens of the light-weight demo app.

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