Isaac Hunter

Isaac Hunter

Hey! I'm a product engineer from Ottawa, Canada.

I've been building software products since I bought my first Mac mini in 2008 as a pre-teen in the rush of Web 2.0.

Since graduating from engineering at the University of Waterloo in 2017 I have led product at 2 different venture-backed startups. Now I'm ready for my next challenge.

I'd love to chat! Reach me at

👨🏼‍💻 Experience

I love building things. Especially products that solve real problems for people. The following projects showcase some of my full-time and side-project experience building apps / tools in iOS, Android, React, python and more.

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Work Experience

I spent 2.5 years full-time at Arylla and then 2 at Amelia, and am currently on a full-time contract at Mosaic.


Other Side Projects

Click the links to read my process behind these weekend projects and see the GitHub repos.

My Year In Review
Segment Chaser

🏃🏼‍♂️ More About Me


Last year I listened to 318hrs of podcasts (wow thats a crazy amount). Below are my current favs!


I've been seriously running for 4 years now and will probably run over 2000km this year. I coach a small run club in Ottawa and am working towards a sub-3hr marathon.


I typically read between 12-20 books a year. I love biographies and startup stories and using advice from FS and Patrick Collison I am currently trying to read smarter.


Honestly I don't post on these very often, but if you would like to see more - here you go!